Functionality of a software to manage affiliate marketing

Functionality of a software to manage affiliate marketing

In recent years, affiliate marketing is experiencing very significant growth as a digital sales channel and it is estimated that this growth will increase more and more over the years.

More and more companies and freelancers recognize the benefits and advantages of affiliate marketing as a strategy to grow their business online in the simplest and fastest way.

Affiliate marketing is, in fact, a remarkably advantageous solution for those who would like to increase sales and the reputation of the products or services sold, in a short time and with a low initial investment.

All you need to do affiliate marketing is an affiliate software (or affiliate plugin) to be configured, in a few steps, to your website.

The features that an affiliate software can offer are so many and concern multiple factors ranging from the creation, to the management, to the monitoring of the affiliates and, more generally, of the affiliate program.

In particular, an affiliate software should have the following features:

Creation of the affiliate program with its registration form for affiliates , in order to accept or reject the requests for membership
Affiliate management via tracking link for sales made
Payment methods included in the admin dashboard (e.g. integration with PayPal)
Customization of percentages (or commissions) for affiliates, based on sales performance or the amounts of the product sold
Sales tracking via statistics and graphical reports accessible to track each affiliate

Furthermore, good affiliate software should also include features that relate to both online and offline promotion of products and/or services, i.e. functions such as:

Direct sharing to social networks of affiliates via social share widget
SEO linking and the ability to create backlink structures
Generation of coupon codes and QR codes for offline marketing to be promoted on business cards, brochures, flyers and any print advertising

The best affiliate marketing software

Affiliate software such as OSI Affiliate, iDevAffiliate and Tapfiliate, are widely used and appreciated as in addition to having all the features listed above, they also offer other very useful ones for managing affiliate marketing in a professional way.


A key feature of the three affiliate software is their compatibility with all major eCommerce platforms, and more: from Magento to Ecwid, to WordPress and WooCommerce, as well as many others.

Among other things, before buying a subscription to one of the three software, each of these, in addition to very competitive prices on the market, allows you to access a free trial version, ideal for experimenting with all the features for about two weeks. .

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