• Automatic sending of e-mail marketing

    Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies for communicating with an unlimited number of users, by sending personalized and optimized emails. Implementing an email marketing strategy means building customer loyalty by creating and maintaining direct contact.

    Send promotions and discount codes, offers on products or services, notify the arrival of new products, welcome new subscribers, send messages for birthday wishes, remember a purchase left pending with an abandoned cart reminder, are some of the main contents through which to involve users and establish a direct relationship with them.

  • Best software to manage newsletters

    Sending newsletters, and more generally email marketing is now one of the most effective and most adopted strategies by companies to establish and maintain a relationship with their customers over time.

  • Build better customer relationships with intelligent call center software

    Call center software is the ideal solution for all companies that need to manage and monitor sales and customer service teams, supporting their work and offering a better customer experience.

    Using call center software means managing phone calls in an organized and efficient way, optimizing time and effort. In other words, using call center software is the ideal solution to streamline entire workflows within a company and build better customer relationships.

  • Dropshipping vs Affiliate Marketing

    At first glance, dropshipping and affiliate marketing may seem the same thing as the former follows the strategy behind the latter, but this is not the case. While both allow you to start your own business with low initial costs, the two online business models still have a fairly different approach.

  • Economic service (even free) to send newsletters

    Sending newsletters is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools a company has at its disposal for creating and maintaining customer relationships. Yet, sending newsletters that convert potential customers into leads and increase loyalty with current customers is not so simple and obvious without the right tool.

  • How to make a video with a professional voice

    Come realizzare un video con voce professionale

    To create a video with a professional voice, tools are needed that offer a series of adequate features and, above all, geared towards audio editing using artificial intelligence.

    When we talk about audio editing, we refer to everything related to the creation and/or modification of digital audio, which is an operation of fundamental importance, especially when making videos or corporate presentations.

  • How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a digital marketing strategy that is based on sales performance, as the underlying mechanism provides that each affiliate receives a commission from the company (also called an advertiser) for each goal accomplished. These objectives or results to be generated by the affiliate can be the sale of products and/or services, lead generation by leading the end-user to fill out contact forms and so on, or they can relate to the installation of software or applications.

  • How to Optimize Images for the Web and for Performance

    Optimizing images for the web means reaching the right compromise between quality, size, type of compression and image format. To achieve this, very often just compression and image weight reduction operations are not enough, much less formatting actions, as the latter could create problems related to the image quality itself.

  • Newsletter management for Joomla

    Maintaining contact with your customers is the foundation of a good marketing strategy. Among the methods for building customer loyalty to maintain a lasting relationship over time, sending newsletters is one of the best performings.

  • Newsletter management for WordPress

    Sending newsletters is one of the most widespread and used digital marketing strategies since, if used well, it brings significant results in terms of customer loyalty and acquisition. At the same time, it is a strategy that requires special tools or plugins to bring real benefits to your online business, but above all to simplify the entire process.

  • Promote your site with an affiliate program

    Promote your site with an affiliate program

    Implementing an affiliate program within a marketing strategy is one of the most adopted solutions by companies to increase the number of customers and potential customers at their own website. This results in a significant increase in sales in a short time.

  • Remote call center software in cloud

    Cloud call center software brings significant benefits to managing entire sales and customer service teams. In addition, through remote software in cloud, it is also possible to carry out advanced analyses of call center operators, track calls, and record them automatically.

    Therefore, a very good solution to manage remote work.

  • Why you should use affiliates to launch a new product or service

    Creating an affiliate program to promote products and services is a strategy that brings significant benefits at very low costs, both in terms of promoting and launching a new product or service.

    Yet, affiliate marketing is a very often underestimated strategy because the benefits are not known.