Newsletter management for WordPress

Newsletter management for WordPress

Sending newsletters is one of the most widespread and used digital marketing strategies since, if used well, it brings significant results in terms of customer loyalty and acquisition. At the same time, it is a strategy that requires special tools or plugins to bring real benefits to your online business, but above all to simplify the entire process.

In the case of a site created in WordPress, sending and managing newsletters could become very simple and effective using the right plugin.

Send and manage newsletters on WordPress with AcyMailing

AcyMailing is a plugin for sending, managing and monitoring newsletters in WordPress. A complete tool that, thanks to specific features, automates the process of creating newsletters.

Starting with its free version, AcyMailing makes it possible to send an unlimited number of newsletters, including personalized ones, to an unlimited number of users.

Among other things, through the use of this plugin, it will not even be necessary to waste time in creating graphic templates for the creation of newsletters, as AcyMailing has another important tool, namely Drag & Drop Editor, created to make the creation of newsletters simpler possible. Regarding the privacy issue, AcyMailing ensures to avoid in all ways the SPAM folder of users, ensuring maximum compliance with all the regulations in force regarding privacy.

But the real strength of the integration of AcyMailing as a plugin in WordPress is the opportunity to customize the communication for each recipient, based on the purchases made, the pages viewed and so on, also in order to also create any discount codes or personalized coupons.

As already relentless previously, AcyMailing not only offers many features to send and manage newsletters but also to monitor and analyze their efficiency. This is done through tools that allow you to track the number of clicks on e-mails, as well as the most clicked links and conversions (who visited the website, how many web pages they viewed and for how long). By integrating AcyMailing into the WordPress admin dashboard it becomes easy to create and customize newsletter campaigns in just a few clicks.

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