Affiliate Software Comparison: iDevAffiliate vs OSI Affiliate

idevaffiliate vs osi affiliate

To date, affiliate marketing is one of the most used sales strategies by companies to promote products and/or services.

Affiliate software for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing allows, in fact, to implement user traffic on your website through digital content (posts, videos, Instagram stories, and so on) shared by an unlimited number of affiliates. In this sense, affiliate marketing has become the most powerful tool to generate sales in a short time and without advertising costs. An effective and economical method, as affiliates will only receive a commission for the products sold through their referral code.
To do this, it is advisable to rely on specially developed affiliate software to manage, monitor, and automate the affiliation process. At this point, a good way to find the affiliate software that best suits your needs is to compare these software and evaluate its features.

iDevAffiliate vs OSI Affiliate

What is the best affiliate software between iDevAffiliate and OSI Affiliate? There is no exact answer as it is important to consider what are the characteristics and functionalities of one and the other so as to understand which of the two best reflects one's needs, which vary above all in relation to company size and the need for integration with other programs and applications.

As for iDevAffiliate, the latter is a software for monitoring and managing the performance and commissions of affiliates. iDevAffiliate is characterized by reporting features on affiliate activities, direct sharing on social media, marketing functions both online (through banners, text ads, SEO links, etc ...) and offline (QR code generation). Additionally, iDevAffiliate comes with over 150 integrations included, including Shopify, Magento, MailChimp, Bigcommerce. As for another strength of this affiliate software, iDevAffiliate presents options for presenting information in the form of explanatory graphics that can be exported to the main formats, which increases the ease and speed of use of the software.


Just like iDevAffiliate, OSI Affiliate is also characterized as an easy-to-use affiliate software with reporting capabilities, affiliate commission management, automated modeling and partnerships, direct sharing on social media, and so on.
However, OSI Affiliate, unlike iDevAffiliate, is suitable for large companies as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises and freelancers. This is because OSI Affiliate also allows you to make calculations on commissions for affiliates, generate statistics available directly in the dashboard and run referral contests between affiliates in order to implement and further promote sales.

Which of the two affiliate software will you choose to get great results and generate more sales?

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