Affiliate Marketing with Tapfiliate

Affiliate Marketing with Tapfiliate

Affiliate marketing is an ideal digital marketing strategy to increase online traffic and generate more sales , among other things with a low initial investment. Reason why, to date, affiliate marketing is one of the most popular marketing tools used by companies.

In order for it to be a winning and successful strategy, which brings benefits to your business, like all marketing strategies, affiliate marketing is also based on data to be analyzed and monitored constantly. < / p>

To this end, it is important to use affiliate tracking software through which to manage and analyze the sales performance of each affiliate (or publisher) and measure, in more general terms, the entire process and the effectiveness generated by the affiliate program itself. .

Create, manage and monitor an affiliate program with Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate is a powerful affiliate tracking tool that allows you to quickly and easily create, track and optimize affiliate programs.

Tapfiliate's main advantage is its ability to integrate with over 30 eCommerce platforms, and more, including Shopify, PrestaShop, WordPress and WooCommerce, Wix, Stripe, Paypal, Magento, and more.
Alternatively, it is possible to integrate Tapfiliate on any customized site using the appropriate programming code.

Other notable features of Tapfiliate are:

Generation of referral links and coupon codes to be assigned to affiliates
Management of banners and advertising materials
Creation and sharing of posts on social networks to promote products and/or services to affiliates
Custom dashboard and sign-up fields for affiliates
Payment methods included (eg PayPal)
“Commissions for life” function through which it is possible to link a customer to an affiliate
Commissions by category or product, fixed or percentage commissions and any bonuses on the sales performance of affiliates
Create sales performance bonuses to motivate affiliates to promote and sell more products and services
Creation of membership levels and the ability to generate team commissions

No less important are the scalability and automation features offered by Tapfiliate, which allow you to optimize times and workflows up to even automating some work activities, for example by easily setting up e-mails and webhooks and approving commissions in an automated way or manual.

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