Affiliate marketing for Magento

Affiliate marketing for Magento

Creating an affiliate program is one of the best marketing strategies for increasing online traffic and increasing sales quickly. Thanks to the creation of a network of affiliates who promote products or services for the company, it is possible to reach more niches of customers, expanding their sales market.

Affiliate marketing is, in fact, a very widespread digital strategy that aims to establish itself more and more over time, as the advantages it brings to a business, especially eCommerce and online activities, are considerable and do not require costs. elevated.

To obtain advantages and increase sales in the shortest time, through the creation of affiliate programs, it is necessary to use special affiliate software, which allows not only to create affiliate programs but also to manage them effectively and monitor the sales made by affiliates, optimizing time and workflows at the same time.

As one of the most popular and used open-source CMS (Content Management System), Magento offers the possibility to perfectly integrate some software (or plugins) to create and monitor affiliate programs.

Affiliate software for Magento

iDevAffiliate, OSI Affiliate and Tapfiliate are three affiliate software perfectly compatible with Magento. Using these affiliate software, creating, managing and monitoring affiliate programs is very simple and fast thanks to the features and benefits they have.


In fact, being specially developed to integrate with Magento, the three affiliate software allow you to manage affiliate programs directly from the Magento interface, optimizing time and simplifying work.

iDevAffiliate, OSI Affiliate and Tapfiliate are three valid alternatives to start professional affiliate programs complete with all the features: from creating referral links and coupon codes for affiliates, to sharing content on social networks, up to the possibility of incentivising affiliates through performance bonuses on sales performance or, again, to create multiple levels of affiliations, generating a real network of affiliates.

In addition to the functions listed above, other main and common features between the three affiliate software are: management of payments for affiliates directly from the administration dashboard and customization of commissions for affiliates also through fixed or percentage commissions. But no less important is the ability to track and monitor all sales made by each affiliate.

Furthermore, based on their common characteristics, each affiliate software stands out for some additional qualities.

Additional features of iDevAffiliate

Affiliate system with up to 10 recruiting levels
Replacement system through parent/child relationships between affiliates

Additional features of OSI Affiliate

Creation of online surveys
Ready-made graphic templates to create advertising banners and landing pages

Additional features of Tapfiliate

"Commissions for life" function through which to connect a customer to an affiliate
Commissions by category or by product
Team commissions option

Furthermore, having common features, the choice between iDevAffiliate, OSI Affiliate or Tapfiliate as affiliate software to create and manage affiliate programs on Magento will depend on the specific needs of each company.

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