Affiliate module for PrestaShop

Affiliate module for Prestashop

Creating affiliate programs is one of the best marketing strategies to drive more traffic and generate more sales on a website and, above all, on an eCommerce site. For those who already own a site created in PrestaShop or are thinking of creating it shortly, and would like to start an affiliate program to be managed directly from the PrestaShop administration interface, configuring a module (also called addon or plugin) is the solution. improve.

 Through a module, to be added to PrestaShop, it is in fact very simple to create affiliate programs through which to manage and monitor affiliates in an effective and fast way.

Create affiliate programs in PrestaShop with iDevAffiliate

Integrating a module like iDevAffiliate to your online store in PrestaShop, allows you to start a well-managed affiliate program, as iDevAffiliate has been specially developed to be perfectly compatible and functional even with PrestaShop.

iDevAffiliate is known as affiliate tracking software with tons of built-in features.


As a module to be integrated with PrestaShop to effectively start, manage and monitor affiliate programs, iDevAffiliate has many features, among which there is the possibility of creating real commission structures with a percentage system or with a flat rate system, as well as define and modify commission amounts based on affiliate sales performance or the cost of products and services sold by affiliates. In this sense, iDevAffiliate is also ideal in terms of customizing the management of affiliate programs.

But that is not all. iDevAffiliate still has many other features, among the main ones there is also the possibility of creating a network of affiliates through sub-affiliations, managing parent/child relationships between affiliates thanks to a system of sub-affiliate network, defining an affiliation system up to ten levels of affiliate recruitment, generate coupon codes and much more.

No less important are other features that the plugin has, which allow you to analyze data in order to monitor the performance of affiliates through reports and statistics, and maybe even reward them when they reach certain results. Without forgetting all the tools that allow affiliates to share content to promote on their social channels in a few clicks, or even the ability to build links and SEO structures through the use of backlinks.

On the other hand, iDevAffiliate has for over 20 years a solid reputation as an easy-to-use software, designed even for the less experienced, but above all as a feature-rich tool.


Create affiliate programs in PrestaShop with OSI Affiliate

Another solution, equally valid, is that of OSI Affiliate.

 Simple to integrate and set up, OSI Affiliate offers multiple features to make it easier for your affiliates to promote your products or services. Here are some of them:



Auto Signup

Automatic referral partner registration to turn customers into affiliates.

Smart Rewards

The rewards can be commissions, coupons, discounts, gift certificates or other.

Popups & Forms

Better visitor engagement via scheduled popups will decrease bounce rates.

Partnership Automation

Extremely easy to create partnerships

Discount Codes and Coupons

created to incentivize purchases through partners


Possibility of choosing between various banners to be used to promote your products or services

Detailed Reports

sales statistics, clicks, impressions and more

Social Media Sharing

Integration with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is included in all plans

Email templates

Wide choice of email templates for partners to use to send to friends and family

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