Affiliation for Wix

Affiliation for Wix

Wix is an ideal online platform for those who want to create websites or even eCommerce sites without any technical knowledge about programming languages for the web. In Wix, this is possible thanks to tools such as drag and drop and plugins.

Through the plugins available and compatible for Wix, it becomes really very easy to customize websites, but above all to add many features, including the creation of affiliate programs.

Creating an affiliate program with Wix could become very simple using the right plugin, as well as effective in order to increase the sales of products and services on an eCommerce site, or simply to increase user traffic on a website.

Affiliate Marketing Plugin for Wix

Thanks to the use of special plugins, creating and managing real affiliate programs on a Wix site is very simple.

One such plugin is iDevAffiliate, which allows you to create affiliate programs in minutes.

Easy to use, iDevAffiliate also features numerous affiliate management and tracking options: percentage and flat rate commission structures, commissions via coupon codes, customizing commissions based on affiliate performance or amounts on the product or service sold, recruiting affiliates up to at ten levels, sub-affiliate function, social sharing for affiliates, creation of backlinks and connection structures for SEO and SEM, reports and statistics to immediately monitor the performance of each affiliate.


Un altro plugin eccezionale per creare e gestire programmi di affiliazione in Wix è OSI Affiliate.

Even through the latter, recruiting affiliates is very simple, just as it is quick and easy to configure and use it. Its features are many and very useful for increasing traffic and sales on your Wix site. In fact, even through OSI Affiliate, it is possible to carry out actions such as: enable social sharing for affiliates, generate tracking links for affiliates, assign promotional codes and coupons to affiliates and so on. Among other things, OSI Affiliate offers some additional features such as creating graphic templates for professional landing pages, creating free online surveys and even planning any individual support sessions with affiliates.

Both iDevAffiliate and OSI Affiliate are two ideal plugins to start and manage affiliate programs through a Wix site, as they are specially developed to be perfectly compatible with the online platform and make the most of its features in order to increase traffic and sales in the way simpler and faster.

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