How to speed up your website in minutes

How to speed up your website in minutes

Speeding up a website is a very important procedure for both users and search engines, primarily Google.

The loading times of a website and all its pages must be kept to a minimum. If the loading times of a website are slow, it is very likely that users will leave the web page after a few seconds of waiting. Secondly, a website with slow loading times translates into a penalty factor on the part of Google's algorithms and, more generally, of search engines, in terms of website positioning.

On the other hand, it is well known that the loading speed of a website is among the main factors to be taken into consideration for good positioning on search engines and, consequently, to increase conversion rates and obtain an advantage over competitors. 

Service to speed up website: NitroPack

NitroPack is the best plugin to speed up a website, among other things in a very simple and fast way, as it integrates perfectly with WordPress and OpenCart.

By verifying problems, reducing the loading times of each individual web page and increasing the scores on Google's PageSpeed Insights, NitroPack is a complete service for optimizing the speed of a website.

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Specifically, NitroPack has other advanced features and functionalities useful for obtaining immediate results, without any effort and technical skills, among other things requiring only a few clicks for its configuration.

Advanced cache with storage mechanism capable of recognizing devices and cookies
Image optimization via full stack function (image compression, adaptive image scaling, advanced lazy loading, webP conversions and so on)
HTML, CSS and JavaScript optimization , also thanks to the proprietary speed algorithm of the software in question

Given the more technical characteristics, no less important is the technical support, complete with a team of experts, and provided in case of any problems or need for technical assistance.

In addition, NitroPack has four subscription solutions, including a totally free version through which it is already easy to understand the potential of the plugin, which constantly and automatically optimizes the website in order not to lose positioning opportunities and potential customers due to the lead times. loading lenses.

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